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“7 sustainable brands”

In this article, we present a selection of 7 ethical brands that innovate every day to make the fashion industry an industry that is more environmentally and socially responsible.

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Les Récupérables

Les Récupérables is based on the principle of circular economy! (= an economy that operates in a loop, which is more environmentally friendly, by eliminating the notion of waste much like our ecosystem does: the waste of one species constitutes the food of another). Les Récupérables revalorizes all kinds of textiles: curtain, upholstery, duvet cover harvested from their partners to make original and trendy clothes! Zero Waste as we like!









1083: Le Made in France

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1083 is a French brand that creates shoes and jeans eco-designed from 100% organic cotton, all made in France!

The labels and the bias are designed in Saint Etienne (42), zippers in Séclin (59), sewing thread in Villeneuve d’Ascq (59), stickers printed in Bressuire (79), paper labels recycled in Romans (26) and finally, the mailbags in which orders are sent are recyclable and manufactured in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux (59). (It looks like they thought of everything)

All this becomes even more interesting when you know that jeans can travel up to 65,000 km (one and a half times around the earth) from the cotton field to the point of sale.


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Everybody knows the small sneakers with a big V, today we explain to you why it is ethical. First, the brand uses organic cotton and for rubber, it chose a sustainable cultivation, more respectful of nature and men. The packaging is made from recycled and recyclable cardboard. Veja has also opted for a Zero Policy: Zero advertising to reduce costs, but also Zero stock and only works on order.

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People tree          

People Tree is a Slow fashion brand that has placed men and the planet at the heart of its ambitions. The clothes are created by craftsmen and labeled according to Fair Trade standards. The brand also uses organic cotton and promotes local production. The transport of goods is mainly carried out by sea and not by air, in order to reduce once again their environmental impact.




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Ekyog is an organic and ethical brand that uses natural materials and cotton from organic farming. In addition, they are supplied in raw wool or colored with ecological dyes, wood fiber from sustainably managed forests, recycled polyester from plastic bottles and vegetable leather.

Ekyog goes further by establishing the Terre Ekyog association, which aims to encourage the development of environmental projects in several regions of the world.

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Misericordia was born in a slum of Lima, the Peruvian capital. Aurelyen, the founder, decided to create a brand whose clothes will be made by Peruvian craftsmen with the motto “Manos, Espiritu y Corazón” which associates the hands, the mind and the heart. It is therefore a brand with a real social project that offers the best possible working conditions for its employees. Misericordia is a brand that has put human being at the heart of its ambitions.


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Ethos is a brand that wants to respect the environment by manufacturing garment from organic cotton and raw materials of natural origin such as alpaca wool. The dyes are made from ecological pigments in order to reduce the environmental impact. The brand also cares about its social impact by offering remuneration that allows producers to live with dignity.





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