The Sustainable Fashion Tour

“Prefer these materials”

The choice of materials when buying a garment is very important because some textiles are made of plastic or even from raw material that are very water and pesticides intensive. Not ideal not for the environment nor for your skin! Natural materials are therefore favored!


The must have: hemp!

You heard it ! The cultivation of hemp does not require the use of pesticides and very little or no fertilizer! We thank Giorgio Armani who put it back in the spotlight!







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Cotton yes, but organic!

Did you know ?

A cotton t-shirt (non-organic) can consume 25,000 liters of water for its production and emit 5.2 kg of CO2 equivalent to 27 km by plane.

Again, for organic cotton no fertilizer, no pesticide! Organic cotton is also less water-intensive than non-organic cotton.






For summer, linen!
To grow flax, you need 5 times less pesticides and fertilizers than to grow cotton (non-organic), in addition, flax is not very water-intensive!


For winter, wool!
A wool choosen pure and untreated! A natural material, which will warm us up!




How chic is silk!

Silk, filamentous materials, is obtained as a result of the secretions of lepidoptera when making their cocoon.

For our friends the worms we prefer a silk obtained from fiber of agave.





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