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“3 questions to Kayla, founder of “Basics for Basics””

3 questions to Kayla, founder of “Basics for Basics

Can you tell us more about your journey?

I am originally from Hong Kong but I studied fashion in Los Angeles, US. When I came back to Hong Kong once I graduated, I started working in marketing for a big company. But to me, this job wasn’t interesting. My family has always been involved in the fashion industry and I always knew that I wanted to focus my career around what I loved and what I had knowledge about. Soon, it became clear that I also had for objective to create a positive impact on society and build something that made sense, that was was useful. This is how I decided to create my own sustainable and ethical fashion brand: Basics for Basics.




What is the concept of Basics for Basics ?

For my brand, I wanted simple and timeless designs in order for my clothes to last and for people to keep them for a long time. I design and produce only one collection per year because I am convinced by the benefits of the Slow Fashion movement and principles.

Concerning manufacturing, I chose to work with natural fibers, respectful of the environment: organic cotton. I also use dyes that are chemical free and non-hazardous. My collections are manufactured in a Fair Trade certified factory in India, in which I make sure that the working conditions are good for the employees.

My goal is really to build a strong community around my brand to raise awareness and push people to act as individuals for a better society. This is the reason why I signed a partnership with Hands on Hong Kong. On my website, I put a link to their page where they offer different volunteer missions in Hong Kong for people who want to act for a cause they are sensitive to. People can chose the caritative action or mission they want to do, sign up and show up! Once you have volunteered for 10 missions, you get a discount on one of the brand’s products. This is a way to encourage people to commit and act.



What are your perspectives for the future?

I wish to create a huge movement around environment preservation and sustainable development here in Hong Kong. The aim is to expand the community built around Basics for Basics and then inform and educate people on different subjects. I want to raise awareness and make people understand that it is better to buy less but better, clothes of better quality that will last longer and if possible, made from natural materials. I would like to organize debate sessions around these topics because today, the market is still a niche and only a few people feed concerned. The channel I decided to use to spread the word is social medias. I will be able to reach a lot of people and raise awareness through modern content. In fact, I am convinced that the consumers have the power and that we must reach to the masses in order to make a change !

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