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“MUD Jeans”

We are proud to announce our partnership with MUD Jeans!

Innovation, circularity and recycling are the pillars of MUD Jeans. The company is always playing around with new production methods. Continually trying to improve the way the most popular fashion item in the world can be made.

MUD Jeans is a Dutch sustainable denim brand that dreams of a world in which there is no such thing as waste. In 2013, MUD Jeans introduced the innovative ‘Lease A Jeans’ fashion concept.

With this innovative approach of offering jeans for lease, people don’t actually owe jeans, but rather wear them for a certain period of time. After a year leasing they can switch to a new pair and send the old ones back for recycling. This way, MUD retains ownership of the raw materials. The jeans that are beyond repair are recycled into new jeans, reducing the amount of waste associated with the jeans industry.

When the jeans are returned they are recycled into new products such as sweaters or new jeans. And since February 2017, returned jeans that are of high quality are re-designed in trendy “upcycle” styles as part of the Vintage Service program. The Vintage Service shows how fashion, sustainability and creativity go hand-in-hand.

Funny fact: all vintage jeans are given the name of the previous owner.

With this concept MUD Jeans has won various prizes such as the Edie Award for Sustainability Business Models and the Peta Vegan Award. On a daily basis the company engages and applies itself in the transition towards a circular fashion industry by recycling or upcycling of resources where possible. MUD Jeans attains the high standards of various sustainability organizations such as the worldwide B Corp and the Young Designer Program of the Fair Wear Foundation.

MUD Jeans is the first CO2 neutral denim brand according to the BLUEdot certificate process.

Using the raw materials means less new cotton needs to be used. Normally it takes 7.000 litres of water to produce one jeans. Recycling can reduce this amount by 50%. Throughout the whole supply chain, the jeans are produced in such a way that they use as little water as possible. Due to the water filtration systems at the manufacturer and due to the new laser techniques a new MUD Jeans costs 1554 litres of water. A reduction of 78%. In terms of CO2, the jeans cost 9kg compared to an industry standard of 23kg.

40% recycled denim
 fabric: Embrace Irregularities, Eliminate Harm.

MUD Jeans has started using a new fabric that contains 40% recycled denim which has been developed in collaboration with Recover and Royo, two factories in Valencia. While Recover knows all about the unraveling and spinning process, Royo is the expert when it comes to weaving and dying. The fabric contains recycled content in both the warp and the weft.

The fabrics have a slightly different colour and structure to the previous fabrics used by MUD Jeans. After long wearing and in the lighter colors, there will be some irregularities; the actual proof of the recycling.

The challenge for MUD Jeans is that the recycled fabric does not come at a better price. In fact the price of the fabric is 25% higher. A strange decision one might argue. But for MUD Jeans it’s more important to stick to their philosophy that is all about the transition towards a circular economy. In the circular economy products that are at the end of their lifecycle are used as the resource for something new. By re-using their old jeans, MUD Jeans closes its own denim loop.

CEO Bert Van Son in the Valencia Recycle Factory

Christmas Campaing – Do you give a damn?

Dutch denim brand MUD Jeans takes care of the environment and the people that work for the brand. In line with previous disruptive ideas, such as the concept ‘Lease A Jeans’, they now set up a social experi- ment. MUD Jeans believes everyone should have a festive December month.That’s why the entire month customers are asked to decide whether they want to keep a €20 discount themselves or give it away to the Tunisian workers that make the jeans.

A Fair Denim Factory

The Tunisian factory Yousstex is audited by the FairWear Foundation.All workers earn a minimum wage, they don’t work over-hours and enjoy 3 weeks of paid leave.The factory is innovative by all means, workers are for example helped by the climate control inside.


Starting on June 6th, right after world environment day, MUD jeans takes the next step towards sustainability and starts delivering their online orders in returnable and reusable packaging.

Reusable RePack packages replace one way packaging. Customers that purchase from the web store can simply return their empty delivery packages by dropping them into the nearest postbox. Once packaging is returned, customer is rewarded with a voucher for their next purchase. This voucher can be claimed at any web store using RePack.

With Repack, MUD Jeans says goodbye to packaging trash.

A Vintage Service jeans

Green is the New Black and MUD Jeans both believe that the future of fashion is “less but better quality”.

To learn more about the brand and their products, visit the website: MUD 


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