The Sustainable Fashion Tour


Interview of the journalist Emmanuelle Vibert

We had the pleasure of interviewing Emmanuelle Vibert, journalist specialized in Ecology and author of several books that gives advice to the readers on how to lower their ecological footprint: “Party without destroying the planet”, “100 Bio reflexes” and especially “Couture Récup: sew to resist to the great waste” (Rue de l’Echiquier Editions). This guide offers a large number of sewing models that are very accessible, in a DIY style and that uses upcycled raw materias: old t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts…

For each model :
– step by step drawings
– different options and advice
– a booklet of pictures of all the models

We have discussed longly with her about the book but also about the context and the reasons why she wrote it: it is a way to resist to the fast fashion industry and all the damages it causes.